gastronomia1El Bierzo is a region made up of small mountain valleys, and a vast flat depression – Low Bierzo – which make up the various types of crop.

El Bierzo soil is special due to its climate, producing quality food products. The most remarkable feature of its gastronomy is the synergy between its traditional production – passed on from each generation – and the most modern techniques.

The grounds of the mountain consist of a mixture of fine elements, quartzite and slate. The meadows of the valleys receive the constant depositions of the slopes. The vineyards of El Bierzo are mainly grown on moist, brown soil which is slightly acidic and, thus, does not contain carbonates – typical of damp climates.

gastronomia2Botillo – a unique sausage of unmistakable taste – is the most important product of El Bierzo, under the Regulatory Council for the PGI. The Cofradía Gastronómica del Real Botillo del Bierzo (Gastronomic Fraternity) celebrates many promotional festivals for this product, popularly known as ‘Botilladas’. The land provides products such as pippin apples, conference pears, Bierzo peppers, cherries and morello cherries. The century old chestnuts of these lands have proven to be one of the best thanks to its Certification Mark (origin quality seal). The natural environment also provides delicious honey and nuts.



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