cabecera arganza 

It is a municipality located in the Bierzo region, to the west of the province of León, limiting with Vega de Espinareda to the north, Camponaraya to the south, Cacabelos to the west, and Sancedo to the east.

Its predominantly rugged relief reaches its highest altitude in the north of the municipality.

In the municipality you can find the geodetic vertex of Alto de Fiales, with an altitude of 954 m.

The Cúa river flows through Arganza to the north of the municipality, through El Bierzo Channel to the south, as well as several streams and minor courses.

The main activity in Arganza continues to be agriculture, showcasing the remarkable extensions of wineries.

The municipality has nowadays 960 inhabitants and its town hall is located in Arganza. It is a historical area, which was a domain of the Count of Lemos and later, in the 15th century, of the Marquis of Villafranca.

The municipality is composed of the villages of Arganza, Campelo, Canedo, Espanillo, Magaz de Arriba, San Juan de la Mata, San Miguel de Arganza and San Vicente.

Popular architecture can be found in the municipality. The parish church of Arganza dated 16th century is of neoclassical style and contains the Churrigueresque altarpieces. Other sites are Arganza Palace, Palacio de Canedo and the parish church, as well as the Roman castrum near Campelo, Campelo parish church, San Vicente church, Espanillo church, San Juan de la Mata church and San Miguel de Arganza church.

Two wineries can be found in the municipality: Prada a Tope in Canedo and Pittacum in Arganza.


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