cabecera bembibre 

The municipality of Bembibre can be found in the region of El Bierzo. The main industry is coal mining, followed by the meat industry and agriculture. The area is covered with forestation pine-trees, chestnut trees, oaks and poplars in the riverbanks.

The Noceda river merges with the Boeza, tributary of the Sil. Its valley belonged to the Domain of Bembibre.

Many castra have been found in this area, demonstrating that mankind has inhabited these lands since ancient times. The origin of the current population dates back to a re-population period between the 9th and 11th centuries. This re-population was linked to the church, and credited with the construction of different monasteries. The Municipality of Bembibre has 11,065 inhabitants, and thanks to the mining industry (coal and iron), it is the second most important village of El Bierzo. It was established in the Middle Ages and known as “Benevívere” (place of good living).


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