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The Roman sites of Los Cuscos, La Edrada, Los Cameros, and Tierra de Ouro can be found in this municipality. Moreover, the objects found in various excavations can be seen in the Municipality`s Archaeological Museum.

The economy is based on agriculture and stockbreeding. High quality natural products such as fruit and vegetable products, wine, cherries, etc. are the standard. This is possible thanks to the terrain, the good climate, and the abundance of water from the Cúa river which crosses the municipality.

Pieros and Quilós are two important villages of the municipality. San Martín Parish Church – 11th century – stands out in Pieros. Near the village there is the Castro Ventosa Roman site. It is linked to the Roman city Bergidum Flavium, birthplace of El Bierzo. Quilós is placed in a fertile plain, where the Cúa river runs through. The two religious monuments are Santa Colomba Church and the San Antonio Chapel.


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