cabecera cubillossil 

Its name comes from a near mountain and it derives from a León short of the Latin ‘cupa’ – a land of cubic geographical features.

Cubillos del Sil is a municipality in León province and the Autonomous Community of Castile-Leon. It is located 9 km far from Ponferrada and 120 km far from León. It is 580 metres high and it has an area of 53.41 square kilometres. According to the National Institute of Statistics, in 2009 it had a population of 1,722 inhabitants.

The Municipality is made up of Fresnedo, Finolledo, Cabañas de la Dornilla, Cubilines and Posadina.

What to see: San Cristóbal parish church in Cubillos, dated 16th and 17th century, with Baroque columns in the altarpiece and San Roque hermitage.

In Finolledo, 4 km from Cubillos del Sil, we can visit a Castrum, probably Pre-Roman. The church dated 900 with a Baroque altarpiece and an out-of-use ancient laundry.

Another site of interest is San Roque hermitage.

Part of its area is occupied by the Bárcena swamp, on the Sil river. This is a perfect site for the fishing and water sports lovers.

The arrival of the electrical company ENDESA, in the middle of 20th century, improved significantly the economy of the area.

Festivities: The festivities in honour of San Cristóbal take place between July 9-12 and the ones in honour of San Roque in August 16.

Gastronomy: The municipality is part of the production area of six high-quality products: wine, pippin apple, pepper, botillo, cecina (dried beef) and pear.

They are sold under the labels of PDO Bierzo, PDO Manzana Reineta del Bierzo (pippin apple), PGI Pimiento Asado del Bierzo (roasted pepper), PGI Botillo del Bierzo (sausage), PGI Cecina de León (dried beef)  and Quality Label Pera Conferencia de El Bierzo (conference pear).

Arriving by road: From León, head N-621, continuing onto LE-20, AP-71, A-6 and CL-631 up to Cubillos del Sil.

From Ponferrada, take CL-631 up to Cubillos del Sil.


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