cabecera toralvados 

The municipality of Toral de los Vados is placed where three important rivers meet; Burbia, Cúa and Sil. It is located in the ‘vegetable garden of El Bierzo’, next to the villages of Cacabelos, Villafranca del Bierzo and Carracedelo.

Our municipality is made up of eleven villages with a total number of 2,200 inhabitants. Toral de los Vados is the most important one and the municipal capital. The rest of the villages – Villadecanes, Parandones, Otero, Iglesia del Campo, Sorribas, Paradela del Río, Paradela de Arriba, Penedelo, Valiña and Peón – have fewer inhabitants. Many quality resources and services are delivered. In some cases, they are unique in the area and similar to near urban areas.

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