cabecera vegae 

Vega de Espinareda, a village located in the north of El Bierzo (León, Spain), 25 km away from Ponferrada, is the capital and administrative, judicial and economic centre of the region before mentioned.

After the addition of villages such as Burbia in the 19th century, and more recently Valle de Finolledo in 1974, Vega de Espinareda has become the largest municipality in the region, reaching 132.6 square metres.

It is open to countless people attracted by the increasing appeal of El Bierzo, the Ancares Mountains and the valleys at the headwaters of the rivers Burbia and Cúa of pristine waters, their magnificent forests and distant grasslands and peaks. These are included in the Recovery Area for the Brown Bear, the Natura 2000 European network, the World Network of Biosphere Reserves and the forthcoming recognition as Nature Park.  


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