cabecera camponaraya 

The municipality of Camponaraya in León, covering 29.1 km2, is formed by the villages of Camponaraya, Narayola, Magaz de Abajo, Hervededo and La Valgoma.

It is located 494 m above sea level, with a superior Mesomediterranean climate and an average annual temperature of 13.1 °C, making Camponaraya the warmest area in León.

They were originally two different villages separated by the Stream Naraya or Los Barredos; CAMPO, located near Cacabelos and NARAYA, the most ancient village amongst them, cited in the 9th century and located near Fuentesnuevas and then becoming CAMPONARAYA in the 15th century.

It is found on the Way of St James. Among its historic buildings can be found the house of the marquises of Quiñones, the house of the Uceda family and the house of the Dean of the Carracedo Monastery.

The most important project for the future of the municipality is the Vineyard and Wine Information Centre, which will be built in La Cuesta Natural Space, combining the present and the future of the wine sector. Camponaraya aims to turn this Centre in a meeting point for everyone linked to the viticulture and oenology. It is intimately bound up with El Bierzo wines, becoming in an information point for them.


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