Visiting museums


-The Brotherhoods Museum

Paseo San Antonio / Calle Ancha

Location: Ponferrada

637 125 980 

The museum is housed in the old San Antonio church. This is a religious museum that tells the history of the Passion in Ponferrada and El Bierzo during the last five centuries. This museum thus gathers the heritage accumulated by the different brotherhoods for more than 5 centuries.

Opening times:

Tuesday- Saturday: 11:30am-1:30pm and 5pm-7pm.
Sunday and bank holidays: 12am-2pm. 


- Museum of El Bierzo

C/ del Reloj, 5

Location: Ponferrada 

987 414 141

The Museum of El Bierzo is a collection of exhibits from different places and times. Some pieces are from the Palaeolithic or from Medieval times, and some are objects of religious culture. Many of the objects are reproductions, however. The building is located in the Ponferrada’s old town.

Opening times:

Tuesday- Saturday: 11am-2pm

From October to April: 4pm-7pm

From May to September: 5pm-8:30pm

Sunday and bank holidays: 11am-2pm. 


- The Radio Museum

C/ Gil y Carrasco, 7

Location: Ponferrada

987 429 203

The Radio Museum Luis del Olmo is located in Ponferrada’s old town – housed in an 18th century building called ‘the house of coats’. Each floor has a different topic: Luis del Olmo, this tells the story of the famous radio presenter and patron of the museum; the history of the radio, the section ‘Protagonistas’ and a room with a huge collection of radios from different times.

Opening times:

From October to April: Tuesday- Saturday: 11am-2pm and 4pm-7pm

From May to September: 5pm-8:30pm

Sunday and bank holidays: 11am-2pm. 


- The Railway Museum

Vía Nueva, 7

Location: Ponferrada 

987 405 738

The Railway Museum has exhibits and railway material from 1918, when the first trains carrying coal from the mines started operating. There are locomotives classified by manufacture date and several materials supported by audio-visual presentations.

Opening times:

From October to April: Tuesday- Saturday: 11am-2pm and 4pm-7pm

From May to September: 5pm-8:30pm

Sunday and bank holidays: 11am-2pm. 


- Ene.Museo Nacional de la Energía

Av. Libertad, 46 24404 Ponferrada, España

Telephone- 987 400 800  Fax- 987 405 800

Winter times (October to April): 10am-2.30pm and 4pm-7pm.

Summer times (May to September): 10.30am-2pm and 5pm-9pm.

Closed on Mondays. Closed on January 1 and 6, and December 24, 25 and 31.

Admission prices:

General: € 3

Concessions: €1.50


- Bierzo Alto Municipal Museum

C/ Lope de Vega, 3    

Location: Ponferrada

987 514 555

Bierzo Alto Municipal Museum in Bembrive was established on a private initiative in1987 as a place for exhibitions of ethnographic nature. There is a sample of rural architecture and hand-made utensils and also an area explaining the ancient history of the region which includes several arrowheads that could date back to the Iron Age.

Opening times:

Tuesday- Saturday: 10am-1:30pm and 4pm-7:30pm

Sunday and bank holidays: 10:30am-2pm. 


- Archaeological Museum of Cacabelos

C/ Las Angustias ,24             

Location: Cacabelos

987 546 993

The site of the Archaeological Museum of Cacabelos is one of the most interesting buildings of civil architecture built in the town in 1892.

The Museum has a significant permanent collection divided into two sections: ‘Archaeology’ and ‘Ethnography’. Throughout different rooms visitors are offered the possibility to take a trip back in time from Prehistory to the Twentieth Century, guided by new exhibition languages that interpret and present the historical context of each period thoroughly. Your visit ends at the Temporary Exhibitions Room where you may admire high-quality, significant exhibitions on a variety of topics.

Opening times:

From July to September:

Tuesday-Sunday: 10am-2pm and 5pm-8.30pm.

Closed on Mondays

From October to June:

Tuesday-Saturday: 11.30am-2pm and 4.30pm-8.30pm.

Sundays: 11.30am-2pm. 

Closed on Mondays


- Sierra-Pambley Ethnographic Museum

C/ Brañina, 13             

Location: Villablino

987 470 096

The museum was established to display and preserve the clothes and lifestyle of the village of Laciana in its historic context.   

Opening times:

Check at Villablino Town Hall.

Display and preserve , house, tell the story of life and work in …, share, exhibit


- Páramo del Sil Ethnographic Museum

Location: Páramo del Sil

987 526 043

Opening times:

Monday to Friday, from 5pm to 7pm. Visits can be booked on the telephone +34 987 526 043.